Get Real About Sex & Relationships, And Help Us Blow The Lid Off The Porn Industry's Dark Side

LustCast is the no-BS zone where men get the real scoop on sex, relationships, and the hidden horrors in the sex industry. By supporting us, you're not just a listener—you're a co-conspirator in pulling back the curtain on what others are afraid to talk about.
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About LustCast

Hey there, I'm Tommie McDonald, the guy behind LustCast. This isn't just another men's podcast about sex and dating. It's a place for honest, no-nonsense conversations that actually matter.

Let's get real for a moment: Most of the chatter in this space is either trying to sell you overpriced coaching, scams, or some agenda. Even worse, some of it can lead you down a path of unhappiness and disappointment. LustCast is here to cut through all that noise.

My own journey has been a rollercoaster. In my early 20s, I was socially awkward and clueless around women. I felt like everyone else was having a great time, while I was missing out. So, when I hit my late 20s, I overcompensated. In fact, I turned sex into a job by launching a porn business. I spent a decade in that industry, learning the ins and outs of human connection and, of course, sex.

While I was there, I got flooded with emails from lonely guys asking for advice on meeting women, having sex, or just maintaining a happy relationship. It became clear that a lot of men were struggling like I once was. Then, in 2023, I lost a close friend to suicide, largely due to loneliness and dissatisfaction. That hit me hard.

I also uncovered some dark corners in the porn industry. Don't get me wrong—I love the people I've met there. But there are some really bad actors who get away with horrible stuff because nobody talks about it.

So here's what LustCast is all about now: I've quit the porn industry to focus on this podcast full-time. My mission is twofold. First, I want to help men lead happier, more fulfilling lives and relationships. Second, I'm committed to exposing crimes and injustices in the sex industry. This stuff is too important to ignore.

Right now, LustCast is just me doing it all. Investigations, especially, are resource-intensive—they require time, research, and even legal support. That's where you come in.

By subscribing to LustCast, you're not just a listener—you're an active participant in making this show better and broader. Your support enables us to dig deeper and expand our reach. I'm incredibly grateful for every ounce of support, and I'm excited for you to be part of shaping what LustCast becomes.

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